Shaolin Kungfu Syndicate Classes


- Wushu (武術) Modern Wushu
- Kungfu (功 夫) Shaolin Kungfu
- Qi Gong (氣功)
- San Da (散手)
- Taiji (太极拳)
- Baduanjin Ba-Duan-Jin
- Yijinjing
- Xisuijing


- The basic training consists of using hand and feet movement, stances, jump and kicks with the Shaolin traditional forms.
- The Shaolin bare hand form which consists of the Shaolin basic form, Shaolin ancient form, Shaolin animal form and the Shaolin modern form.
- The 18 Shaolin weapon form along with the Shaolin form.
- The 72 special skill in conjunction with Shaolin form.

The Benefits

- Flexible and stronger body
- Improves your sense of focus
- Improves your sporting skills
- Improves your martial art skills

Shaolin Kungfu is suitable for all ages and gender.

- For kid, Shaolin Kungfu helps improve their concentration towards their learning, self esteem, confidence and discipline.
- For adults, Shaolin Kungfu enhances musle strength, martial art skills and gives them relaxation of the mind. For example: Baduanjin Ba-Duan-Jin, Yijinjing and Xisuijing.

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